Insulation Materials
Ningtex Ceramic fiber products including Ceramic fiber yarn, ceramic fiber rope...
Ningtex Glass Fiber products including glass fiber yarn, glass fiber rope, glass...
NINGTEX Dust Free Asbestos products including dust free asbestos yarn, dust free...
NINGTEX Dusted Asbestos products including dusted asbestos yarn, dusted...
NINGTEX Carbon Fiber products including Carbon fiber yarn, carbon fiber tape, carbon...

Company Information

NINGTEX Insulation Company Limited is leading manufacturers and exporter of various insulation materials and products in China. NINGTEX is belong to SUNWELL Group Corporation.

We are one of the leading suppliers of thermal insulation, heat protection, high temperature sealing and construction materials.

Quality and reputation are the most valued factors in our company. Top priority is given to product quality in order to a achieve high performance.


Our Main Insulation Materails

Ceramic Fiber:

Ceramic fiber yarn, ceramic fiber rope, ceramic fiber sleeve, ceramic fiber tape, ceramic fiber cloth, ceramic fiber paper, ceramic fiber board, ceramic fiber modules, ceramic fiber blanket, ceramic fiber felt, ceramic fiber bulk, ceramic fiber pouring materials and so on.

Glass Fiber:

Glass fiber yarn, Glass fiber rope, Glass fiber sleeve, Glass fiber tape, Glass fiber cloth, Glass fiber tissue, Glass fiber felt, Glass fiber blanket, Glass fiber board, Glass fiber products with rubber or PTFE and so on.

Dust Free Asbestos:

Dust free asbestos yarn, Dust free asbestos rope, Dust free asbestos tape, Dust free asbestos cloth, and so on.

Dusted Asbestos:

Asbestos yarn, Asbestos rope, Asbestos tape, Asbestos cloth, Asbestos felt and so on.

Carbon Fiber:

Carbon fiber yarn, carbon fiber tape, carbon fiber cloth, carbon fiber with glass fiber. And so on.